Downton Abbey Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever:

  • Someone gets a letter with bad news
  • Matthew and Mary glance at each other longingly
  • Edith fucks up
  • Lady Violet says a zinger to close the scene and/or rolls her eyes
  • Thomas gives an evil smirk
  • Sybil acts sanctimonious
  • Lord Grantham sits down and sighs heavily
  • A servant talks about wanting a life out of service
  • Lady Grantham gives someone a smile of bemused forbearance
  • O’Brien lurks
  • Mrs. Crawley smiles passive aggressively
  • Carson protests change
  • Mr. Bates sacrifices himself
  • Somebody blurts something at an inopportune moment
  • Hopes and dreams are crushed mercilessly beneath the bootheels of destiny