i’ve been told theres a very weird rule about male chest hair and mpaa ratings

Headless stumps are okay, though, I guess.

well what else is he gonna wax? i mean he saves time on shaving he’s gotta do something with all those hours

How awkward to get him one of those fancy razors for Christmas. Katrina, if you’re going to be Bride of Headless, you have your work cut out for you around Father’s Day, too.

The Headless Horseman waxes his chest

So now we know that.


Emma Watson to United Nations: I’m a feminist

Take the time to watch the full speech then share it. Stand up for feminism. For Gender Equality. For your daughters and for your sons. My heart breaks when I think of the millions of children growing up today in gender stereotypical families where they are told to “act like a man” or “be quiet like a lady”. Where families expect their daughters to marry into good families because education is not expected or available for them. Where sons are told that ballet, music and art are too feminine for them to participate in and to be macho in public. Where the burden of child rearing is placed upon the woman despite our men being able and willing and capable of nurturing their children at home Where it is taught that being an effeminate man or a tomboy girl is wrong. Where a woman earns the same as a man doing the same job is celebrated, taught, expected.

Feminism isn’t an ugly word. It’s empowering for all. When we stop thinking about it as a man-hating term (which has nothing to do with feminism) and start thinking of it as the desire to provide equal rights to all, we will have a better future.

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"There are no ordinary cats." - Colette

"There are no ordinary cats." - Colette

My thoughts on the concept of “Slutoween.”

It’s Lena Dunham hate AND two day ladies. Unbeatable formula

NOW you tell me.

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yeah I still get notes on one I made about not wanting to shave my legs there’s not telling sometimes
The internet, man. The internet.

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Lesson: never post anything on Tumblr that you don’t want reblogged

I posted this and now it has over 100k hits. If I never see that on my dash again, I will be so happy.

Also, I post about all kinds of shit all the time. Like, important stuff. race, gender, class. Cool stuff. Fun stuff. And the one that went viral was about mayonnaise? WTH.


every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

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